Maria Chevelle

Love, Lipstick, & Cupcakes 
A guide for woman who are pursuing their God given destiny in life and career. Includes a 7 page personal business/career journal

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The Receptionist 
Book Signings, magazine covers, & motivational speaking tours. Life couldn’t get any better for Maria Chevelle International selling author of Unbreakable Destiny. Just when she thought she faced her biggest storm watching her son die in her arms on June 14, 2000. It became clear that another storm was coming that would test her faith on every level. After falling on very hard times she was able to get a Job as a Receptionist. However this remarkable testimony has nothing to do with answering phones.

Unbreakable Destiny 
Growing up in the 90’s was interesting for a young teenage girl like Maria and her single mother. Sex, lies, and drugs were obstacles that this duo dealt with in the search for happiness and belonging. They both stumbled across disappointments and hurts and found themselves broken on so many levels. The death of Maria’s son was the turning point of this devastating road and then the cycle began to break and destinies became revealed!